About The Accounts Payable Association


Origins of the APA

From humble origins as a LinkedIn group, the AP Forum has grown to over 31,000 members on the LinkedIn AP Forum. We listened to the members of this group who constantly stated they wanted something more substantial, so we created the UK's first and only Accounts Payable professional body..

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The Association has been created by a number of leading AP professionals (including Jamie Radford our CEO); they have a wealth of experience (over fifty years) within AP functions organisations of all sizes and in many industries both in the UK and around the world.

Aims and Purpose of the APA

The Accounts Payable Association is a UK based professional body representing the interests of the estimated minimum two hundred and fifty thousand professionals working in the AP industry in the UK alone. The APA is committed to the professional advancement of individuals within the Accounts Payable discipline and also closely related financial roles.

The APA acts as a support group where like-minded AP professionals can obtain information on new technologies, procedures, and trends whilst obtaining critical benchmarking statistics on other organisations.

The overall aim of the APA is to provide members with an abundance of support, tools, data and information that they need in their day to day work whilst also helping to plan their career in the “World of Accounts Payable”.

We aim to change the all too often perception that AP is a dead-end job with minimal prospects – this is just untrue. Accounts Payable is vital to businesses; which can’t function without the efficient payment of bills on time. AP functions need suitably qualified professionals, who are highly motivated, valued by their organisation and also rewarded for the valuable work they do.